The Health Benefits of Painting

These days the media puts a lot of stress on how physical exercise and eating healthy foods can help us be and stay healthy. Rarely is painting discussed and is given the stage as much as the latter. Therefore, I am here to shed some light on some crucial health benefits of painting collected from personal experiences throughout my “Painting Picnik Events”.

Painting nurtures emotional growth in ways that are immeasurable simultaneously to both the creative mind and therapeutic well being of the soul state. When emotions surface from underneath through painting it allows for a face to brush healing to take place. Painful encounters or experiences can be painted away into a canvas.

Painting fosters creativity in the right and left hemispheres of the brain as well. If you believe that you are a left brained person taking on a painting activity it will allow you to stimulate and nurture your right brain side where creativity is found. Painting has also been found to help strengthen your memory so you stay sharp well into old age!

Painting improves as well as maintains fine motor skills as well as initiate a second nature problem solving skill set. When your outcome of what you intended to paint changes due to several variables of artistic implementation you must think outside the box in order to complete the artwork as it evolves. Thinking outside the box will become second nature. This simple problem solving thought skill can also be used throughout countless challenges we meet as well in our daily lives when one must act quickly and come up with potential alternative solutions to solve unexpected problems.

Painting will alleviate and combat any affects stress or anxiety has on our mental health state both in the present and future. Focusing on the creative, painting will release you from any pressures that plaque the mind, relaxes you and removes all mental strain.
Painting promotes optimistic feelings as well when others are enlightened by the creation of their artwork. It allows one to be proud of ones artistic achievements and fosters satisfaction of growth in future development of artistic skill set.

In conclusion you might not get a six pack of abs or loose 20 pounds while painting, but you will gain mental health, personal clarity, right brain function agility and strength as well as a beautiful work of art to be admire by others as well as yourself! So are you ready to paint? Paint … set … and go! Come and join us at our next painting Picnik event.

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