Effects of Nature on the Body and Soul

What comes to mind when you think of nature? What feelings do you associate with nature? If its
thoughts of calmness, joy and pleasant carefree feelings, than it seems I might not be alone in this when
I say that I truly believe that nature is biologically ingrained and forever captivating and inspiring to us
all. I had always felt very calm, clear minded and energized after being outdoors. As I further research
the physical and mental benefits of being outdoors, I am truly amazed at the countless benefits. Did you
know that being in nature contributes to a reduction of anger, fear, and stress and increase of pleasant
feelings. Exposure to nature even when minimal will positively radiate through you
as it will reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and produce a hormone that will help ward
off stress. It may even reduce mortality, according to scientists such as public health researchers
Stamatakis and Mitchell. Nature is an amazing source of fuel for the soul and your body, it refreshes and
ignites you all at the same time. So the next time you feel depleted try basking in the sun rays and get
enchanted by the sound of the chirping birds for a healthy recharge of both vitamin D and increased
dose of energy.

The international Journal of Immunopathology and pharmacology published and reported on these
following list of factors of proven scientific reasons of why we should all be spending more times
outdoors; improved short term memory, restored mental energy, stress relief, reduced inflammation,
better vision, improved concentration, sharper thinking and creativity, and possible anti-cancer affects
as well! When painting is done in an outdoor setting it doubles all health benefits. This article excludes
the brief meditation session conducted prior to painting with “Painting Picnik” which I will discuss in
further detail in a future blog post.

Let’s never forget how simply been outdoors can recharge and reconnect us all at the same time! Let us
never underestimate the power nature has on humanity as a main contributor to our general well-being
and truly be kind to our environment that gives us so much and asks for nothing in return!
Nature- If we hold you dear we will have no fear.
A little bird twitted an invite for you to come out and join us out in nature at our next Painting Picnik
event! Hope to see you soon.

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    I saw your tweet about animals and thought I will check your website. I like it!

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    • Oh you are funny and sweet thank you for the beautiful compliments makes my heart sing! I am an animal lover as well hence my puppy and me time events. All my pets were taken away… ex boyfriend breakup. So I created the events so that I can pet socialize and plan on adopting until some homeless pets find their new homes. I have a Facebook page as well I post there and yelp account. I can certainly add you to my newsletter will be my pleasure!Please send me your e-mail address,

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