Paint what you feel!

Paint what you feel!

Paint what you feel!

  • Posted by simplio_admin
  • On May 7, 2020

Paint What you feel…not what you’re told to paint!

⦁ When you go with the flow – your own personal artistic flow – there no limits. There’s more room for personal exploration. And as a result – personal expression!

⦁ When art is created from the heart, and the soul, it gives observers the opportunity to pick up on your own personal emotions. Just as food tastes better when cooked from the heart…art is more pleasing to the eye when painted from the soul.

⦁ Painting what you feel makes the mere act of painting much more joyful. And the lack of artificial restrictions allows you to create a more authentic form of self-expression. And to create it for yourself…not others.

⦁ Painting what you feel gives you the freedom to experiment with varied media and materials and techniques. It allows you to step “out of the box” and create pieces that are uniquely “you.” And in so doing, you’ll be giving yourself – and others – incredible joy.

Before art schools…there was art! And before art schools, there were artists. Artists who, in those days, had free rein to take their artistic ideas wherever they pleased…to paint the way they wanted to, and to paint what they wanted to. Artists who didn’t have to worry about others’ opinions.
Today, though, we know that artistic potential can be ruined by the opinions of others. But we know, too, that the most important thing – for any artist – is to be who you are!
It’s not peoples’ positive critiques that makes artwork great. The power of art doesn’t lay in any one person’s opinion (and that’s all it is…an opinion!).
And the most powerful ability any artist can have is their ability to look fear straight in the eye…and conquer it!

Yours Truly,
Painting Picnik Crew!


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