Paint What You Feel

About Painting Picnik

At Painting Picnik, you have the opportunity – and the space, both physical and emotional – to freely express yourself, with no fear or constraints. The goal as we paint is to be unconfined to conformity, and connected to “your own set of canvas.” When one is inspired to paint what they feel rather than what they are told to paint, he/she starts on a path of joyful self-discovery of their own inner artist!

Painting Picnik brings together nature, art, and meditation. Combining guided meditation with a beautiful natural setting creates a zen-like mood…for a painting experience unlike any other!

Painting Picnik is all about the Zen of socializing, as well! The act of painting is enhanced by mingling with other participants who are experiencing the same joy of discovery that you are. And it’s OK – even recommended – to step away from the canvas occasionally. There’s no pressure to finish your piece on time; feel free to work at your own pace.

Many relationships are strengthened during this activity, and new ones are made. The meditation sessions are written and timed, according to the ages of the participants. And for a few hours, the world seems to be standing still, as nature and art embrace – and enhance – your creative spirit.

Painting Picnik can travel to any location in South Florida. Events can be customized to participants, and special requests are welcome.

Painting Picnik crew!

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