About Painting Picnik

Painting Picnik is a three hour activity that gives you the space to freely express with no fear or regret. The goal as we paint is to be unconfined to conformity and connected to “your own set of canvas”. When one is musified to paint what they feel rather than what they are told, they are on a path of self discovery of their innate inner artist!
Painting Picnik brings together nature art and meditation. The act of combining guided meditation sets a zenlike mood for a painting experience that is unlike any other! 
Painting Picnik is all about Zen socializing as well! The act of painting can not be complete without a mingling between other fellow participants. It is ok to step away from the canvas even recommended. No art piece must be completed and everyone can work leisurely at their own paste and comfort. 
Many relationships are formed, strengthened and new connections are made during the activity. For a few hours the world seems as it is standing still as nature and art embraces ones spirit and expression through the canvas.
Painting picnic travels to any location requested within South Florida. The meditation sessions are written and timed keeping in mind the age group of all participants. Events can be custom to its participants as well as any additional requests as well. 
Painting Picnik crew!

Chen Biton

I find my inspiration within my innate response to the interaction we face as humans with the world that surrounds us and as in every era the society’s influences on mankind state of reality. 

About Me

In pursuit of expression of my creativity I find both solace and content in the act of painting and the journey to a form that causes reaction of whimsical feeling, awe, pleasant feeling and thought-provoking reaction to spectators. My art has images that appear spontaneously throughout my art which were seemly unplanned yet always belonged!

My works so far have involved abstract forms of nature settings, A Self-portrait, yacht setting and pop art schemes. My future planned works will be a depiction of Geometric shapes that will come together to form several soft organic shapes in our daily lives in order to bridge the connection between a spiritual response with the analytical mind. My art likes to bridge and intermingle between Reality and Abstraction. Where Realty gives a re-assurance, and lifts the spirit and abstraction amazes oneself in the realm of a fabricated reality!

I conduct meditation and abstract art instruction throughout my monthly “PaintingPicnik” events which take place outdoors “en plein air”. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook to book any future events! The intent of this outdoor gathering is to tap into the muse and find your inner expression through nature meditation and the medium of art. Being in nature allows my participants to disconnect from the outside world effects from technology and industrial barrage and connect within and through nature and art expressions!

  • Get Zenlike
  • Get Loose
  • Zen Socialize
  • Paint What You Feel
  • Freely Express
  • Release Your Inner Self
  • Artistic Soul-State
  • Breathe & Meditate

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso